West End History Project

West End History Project

This will give an idea of what the history project does to promote West End and preserve its history

For more information contact John Smith (john111smith@ntlworld.com)

2004: Formed by John Smith by collecting photos from Social Club Members


2005: deposited local metal detecting finds with Surrey Heath from 3rd Century AD

First display for WEVS and every year since


2006: Heritage Open Days Exhibition in Social Club, over 400 visitors

Using Social Club Minute books wrote history on Workingmen’s Club 1886 to 1986

Given Minute Books of West End Institute Slate Club Women’s Slate Club held in WI Hall, now deposited with Surrey Heath Museum along with Social Club Minute book from 1903


2007: Michael Glazier joins

2nd Heritage Open days Exhibition in Club

Put up display at West End, Windlesham & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society Show Day & every year since then

Put on display of photos in Social Club

By now had deposited many photos & records with Surrey Heath Museum


2010: Recorded West End Parish Council Minutes from 1968

Put up West End display at the Heritage Gallery Camberley changed 3 or 4 times a year

Assisted with very successful West End Exhibition at Surrey Heath Museum, we provided the majority of the photos for the Museum to copy which are now deposited there, received £100 for our contribution

November put on West End Exhibition at Woking Leisure Centre for North West Surrey History Society

Received album from the late Mary Smythe to copy, father was the Rev. Smythe

Chobham Angling Club photos displayed at Chobham Museum


2011: Put up display in our Sports Pavilion, changed 3 or 4 times a year

Prepared history for WEVs web site and Parish Council

Received Certificate from Parish Council for outstanding contribution to West End

Deposited West End Parish Magazines 1974 to 1980 at Surrey Heath Museum

Around this time put up display for Community Village Competition

Received Glazier family album to copy


2012: Deposited WEVs photos and slides with Surrey History Centre

Deposited West End & Chobham photos with Surrey History Centre

Applied for and was granted Grade II list for our War Memorial Wheel Cross

WEVs AGM display and a few before

Collected information on commemorative Trees in West End and passed to Tree Group

Received Albums from West End Old Folks


2013: Deposited West End Social Club photos and copy of my book with Surrey History Centre along with West End Parish Magazines 1915 to 2011

Deposited Chobham & District Angling Club records and photos 1968 to 2011

Deposited WEVs newsletters

Deposited West End Village Hall Management papers 1928 to 1987 with Surrey History Centre

Deposited several folders from Mr. Richard Wilson with Surrey History Centre, retained copies

West End photos displayed in Chobham Museum

Received a very large collection of photos and slides from the late Mr. Harris relating to the school, slide and negative scanner required to complete processing

Prepared album to commemorate the men from West End killed in 1st World War to be displayed in the Church during 1914