West End Village Tree Group

Tree 1

West End Village Tree Group

The West End VillageTree Group, is a sub-group of West End Village Society and was formed in March 2013

Objectives of the group are:

  • To preserve, protect and raise awareness of local trees 
  • Liaise with local council and the highway authority to replace lost trees and increase tree population
  • To appreciate existing trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and promote new TPOs for specimen and landmark    trees in the village
  • To look to secure funding for new tree planting
  • To be a vigilante for highway and open space trees


We intend to achieve the objectives by:

  • Recording all significant trees, regardless of ownership, on a map including those with TPOs, but eventually to also include all highway and open space areas. Significant meaning a tree or group of trees that makes up the character of the village or holds historical importance or provides a landmark or simply happens to be a good specimen.
  • Prioritising open spaces, such as around Benner Lane, Fairfield Lane, Streets Heath and recreation ground.
  • Becoming knowledgeable in the TPO procedure by working with the local arboricultural officer to promote a TPO on
    the red oak tree in Guilford Road.
  • Using the experience gained to promote new TPOs on other significant trees
  • Pressurising Surrey County Council to improve its tree maintenance strategy and annual programme
  • Developing better knowledge of local tree stock by carrying out surveys, and identify trees with TPOs.
  • Using the information gathered, to be a vigilante and inform the Borough Council and Surrey County Council when trees are threatened by vandalism or reckless handling of trees.
  • Investigating the amenity value of trees including ecological, e.g. water absorption capacity in litres per hour/day; preventing soil erosion and subsequent soil capping; reduction of wind speed; trapping and filtering of particulates; CO2 absorption and oxygen emission; animal, plant and fungi habitat; tree loss intensifying the urban "heat island" effect by loss of shade and subsequent evaporation, and numerous other factors. Possible source, amongst many others: The Woodland Trust

Progress to date:

  • We have conducted a trial survey of trees around the village green
  • Investigated the best way to record tree attributes and location
  • Identified trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)
  • Made contact with the Borough tree authority
  • Have met with Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Arboricultural Officer (Paul Watts).  Here is a link of his answers in response to our questions.

tree 2 Holm Oak on island opposite Walnut Tree Cottage.Row of oaks field boundary to Benner Lane

3 Landmark Oaks in the south west end of the church yard