Walks and Mountain Biking in and around the Village

The village offers great opportunities fow walking, with its numerous commons and heaths (offering 'Open Access') to the west of the village, to its many footpaths all around the village. Currently we have 3 walks which you can download/print for free:

1, West End Heritage and Nature walk

Produced by WEVS, with help from the Parish Council, West End History Projecf and TWERPS (the West End Rambling for pleasure society) to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee is now available here. You may print it for free but we suggest you need an A3 colour laser printer for best results. Alternatively you may buy one for only 50p (thats only 25p a walk, about 10p per mile) printed on glossy A3 paper with photos, history and map. These will be available at the Fete, Ag and Hort shows, and Hare and Hounds. Alternatively e-mail the comms team.
Link to walk

Other Walks
2, Donkey Town (West side)
Halebourne (North-East side)

Mountain Biking.
The bridleways do not tend to make good loops. Good routes for mountain biking are to follow the range fence around (about 12 miles, 95% off road), or to use the more technical areas at Bagshot Heath, Frith, Windmill Hill or Mytchett.

Take a look at the Surrey Heath Cycling Web site here and also a suggested route from cycle-route.com here

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