Newsletters of West End Village Society

Provided below are the last journals (excluding the current one – to obtain the current journal please contact the
membership secretary)


Journals are produced 3 times a year and delivered or e-mailed to members.



Issue 182
Winter 2016

Summer 2016

Issue 180
Spring 2016

Issue 179
Winter 2015

 Issue 178
Summer 2015

Issue 177
Spring 2015

Issue 176
Winter 2014

Issue 175
Summer 2014

Issue 174
Spring 2014

Issue 173
Winter 2013

Issue 172
Summer 2013

Issue 171
Spring 2013

Issue 170
Autumn 2012

Chairperson’s Letter
Litter Pick
Community Speed Watch
Our Medical Practice 
Village people

West End Old Folks
Gordon’s Interview 
Local Clubs
arden tips
Tree Group

Chairperson’s Letter
The Founding of the Village Society
Village Society Mementos
Burning Issue
Dog Notices
Citizen of the Year
Parish Council Plans
Village Design Statement
Tree Group Recruitment
West End Village Garden Club
Litter Pick
Sports Clubs
Cycle Race
Village People
Spanish Omelette

Chairperson’s Letter
Roundup of Local Clubs
Surrey Heath Borough Council
London 2012 Paralympic Games 
The West End Interview
One Lovely Day in May
WEVS Boxing Day Walk

Issue 169
Summer 2012

Issue 168
Spring 2012

Issue 167
December 2011

Chairman‟s Letter
London Olympics 2012
WEVS subscriptions
Ag & Hort show
Be extra vigilant

Chairman‟s letter
Heritage Walk:
Surrey Heath Borough
Woodland Trust Jubilee
Diary Dates
Hare and Hounds
Citizen of the Year:
Surrey police
West End Drawing Class

Chairman's Letter
Diary Dates
Organ Recital
Holy Trinity School
West End Memorial Cross
Police Update
Village Design Statement

Issue 166
Summer 2011

Issue 165
Spring 2011

Issue 164
December 2010

Chairman‟s Letter
Litter Pick Day
Editor‟s Message
Garden Work Party
Diary Dates
Holy Trinity School
Police Update
Fete Photos
Surrey Wildlife Trust
Ag and Hort Show
WEVS Subscriptions
Architect Wanted
Innermost Sound Group

Chairman‟s letter
Citizen of the Year
Holy Trinity Primary School
The Art of Good Neighbours
West End Social Club
Police Update
Village Design Statement
Hare and Hounds
WEVS Subscriptions
Poo What A Mess

Extended article by Mr Jon Hills
'Holy Trinity C of E Primary School: Our Vision and Aims'

Chairman's Letter
Women's Institute
VDS Report
Serpell’s Bells
Parish Council
Diary Dates
Brentmoor Heath
Agricultural & Horticultural Update

Issue 163
August 2010

Issue 162
June 2010

Issue 161
Winter 2009

Chairman's Letter
VDS Update
Wonders of West End
Parish Council
Pigs in the Village
WEVS New Logo
Brentmoor Heath Reserve
Agricultural & Horticultural Show
Barn Dance


Chairman's Letter
Web Stats
VDS Update
West End PO
BP Garage
Surrey Artists
Fire in the hole
Police Help
Brentmoor Heath
Fly Tipping

Chairman‟s Letter / Holy Trinity School /Diary Dates/ West End Post Office/ Boxing Day Walk/ Village Design
Statement/ Origins of WEVS/ WE Parish Council/ War Memorial
Planning Applications/ West End Football Team/ Brentmoor Heath/
Police Update/ Winter in West End

Issue 160
Summer 2009

Issue 159
Spring 2009

Issue 158
March 2009

Chairman’s Letter/ Holy Trinity School/ Diary Dates/ Tingham Hall BBQ/ Mobile Library / Editor/ VDS/ WE Parish Council Report/
Planning Applications/ Brentmoor Heath Nature Reserve/ Alien Invaders/ West End History Project/ Police Update/ Ag & Hort Show

Chairman‟s Letter/ Editor‟s Note/ Diary Dates/ Tennis Club/ Planning Applications /VDS/ Parish Council Report/
WEVS Web Site/ Brentmoor Heath Nature Reserve/ WEVS Litter Pick Day/ History of Names/ Litter Focus/
Citizen of the Year 2009/ A little bit of History

Chairman‟s Letter/ Diary Dates/ WEVS Appeal/ VDS/ Parish Council Rpt./ Police Report/ Funding/ WE History Project/ Recycling Bins/ Tringham Hall Quiz/ Winter on the Heath